Since December 2010 I work at Poznań University of Technology, Chair of Control and Systems Engineering, doing research on:

  • medical image analysis (see Projects section): retina image paremeterization, fundus vessels segmentation, analysis of optical coherence tomography (OCT) retina images
  • biometric systems: iris recognition, speaker recognition with GMM, measuring influence of silence removal on speaker recognition (Energy analysis, Jang algorithms, End-point detection, Voice Activity Detection algorithms)
  • image and video processing: objects detection, classification and tracking
  • creation 3D image from 2D image in real time, creation of 3D scene from stereovision images
  • research on rehabilitative manipulator for children whose leg are lengthening using the Ilizarov apparatus.

I am interested in widely understood automation and robotics systems that are used in medicine and industry.

Other areas that I’m interested in:

  • USG application for phone recognition “spoken” by a mute person
  • use of OCT to determine direction of a blood flow
  • medical robots for laparoscopic surgery
  • other application of measurement and control systems in medicine and rehabilitation.

I like, when results of my work are used in a real system and are not only a teoretical dispute. In 2011 I also became a member of International Society for Medical Robots ( and in 2016 a Student Member of IEEE SP society.